Let us do the perfect maintenance of your systems

Your comfort and safety is our greatest concern. To fulfill this purpose we have a series of products that will allow you to feel protected and safe both at home and in your establishment.

In addition, all our installations, assemblies and maintenance comply with the LOPD regulations.

Connection with the Central Alarm Receiving Center (CRA) 24 hours a day

Assembly and maintenance

of Alarms

of Surveillance cameras

Why hire our maintenance?

For checking the correct operation and technical assistance for breakdown or system failure.

  • Technical Service for faults or inquiries about your security system.
  • Servicio de Four annual reviews of your alarm system.
  • Monthly service of your video surveillance system.
  • Community service.

We guarantee:

  • Ensuring that your security system works properly.
  • Comply with the law to have a security system.
  • Optimum operating security.
  • Connect your alarm for just 1€ a day with our 24-hour alarm receiver.

Technical assistance 24 hours a day and 365 days a year