Video surveillance

A video surveillance system allows you to check at all times what is happening in your home or property, be it an independent home or a community of neighbors, by means of the simple incorporation of security cameras. Through an APP you can access the video surveillance system incorporated in your home from anywhere. Thanks to the security cameras, you will not only be able to control possible intruders, but you will also be able to supervise the people who are on duty in your home, and monitor the status of elderly or disabled people who need care.

With the video surveillance service you will have your facility protected 24 hours a day

You can see the status of your property from anywhere in the world through our mobile APP where you can also see the recordings of the previous days.


  • Projects specifically designed for each sector.
  • Latest technology in security.
  • Our systems adapt to any weather condition.
  • We only work with leading brands.
  • We have a specialized technical service to provide you with the best security solutions.
  • We work with cameras from 4 MP.
  • Our facilities are focused on homes, businesses, communities, open spaces.
  • We configure your mobile, Tablet or computer with the mobile app.
  • We offer after-sales service.
  • We mark the installation.
  • We process the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD).
  • Hard disk from 2TB of recording.
  • We offer a monthly maintenance (optional).



PTZ cameras can rotate around two axes, one horizontal and one vertical, as well as zoom in or out to focus on an area or object manually or automatically.

Ideal for high-performance applications.

Sistemas de videovigilancia: Cámaras PTZ


IP cameras are camcorders specially designed to send video and audio signals over the Internet or through a local network for live viewing from anywhere in the world through a computer connected to the Internet and even remotely record images.

Sistemas de videovigilancia: Cámaras IP


Mini-dome cameras are smaller and shaped like a dome or dome. These are very discreet cameras that blend in with the place.

They have a good finish and are aesthetically pleasing and concealed when installed.

Sistemas de videovigilancia: Cámaras Minidomo


Thermography is the ideal method for scanning individuals or large crowds of people from a distance.

When a multitude of people enter a company, establishment, hospital, airport or train station, bus or its facilities, thermal imaging cameras can detect variations in temperature between people.

Sistemas de videovigilancia: Cámaras Termográficas