Video Analytics Systems

Securing properly the perimeter is a crucial element to protect properties, assets and resources from possible intrusions in physical environments such as photovoltaic plants, critical infrastructure, industrial and commercial complexes, warehouses, among others.

We create safer environments with our intelligent video systems

We have wide experience in the field of video analytics and in the development of innovative and flexible solutions for intelligent video analysis, with interpretation of images from visible, infrared and thermal cameras.

Analítica de vídeo

Benefits of video analytics facilities

We have a perimeter protection system with HD and proactive intelligent video analysis, which allows us to anticipate an action before a person or property is in danger.

Our video analytics solutions are solutions that are perfectly compatible with existing video surveillance cameras on the market.

In addition, they integrate powerful analytics for the precise classification of people, vehicles and indeterminate objects at great distances.

Their systems are capable of working in VGA on all channels, chaining rules, processing metadata and adjusting to the characteristics of each project. It is even possible to timely detect loitering and send a pre-alarm.

Keep in mind that they are systems designed and prepared to protect critical facilities, and offer maximum coverage 24/7, while minimizing the rate of false alarms and reducing the number of incidents.