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Installing an alarm system can be the best investment for your business. There are many alarms for businesses on the market, but choosing the right one, the one that gives security to your company, can be key to avoid suffering a theft that represents a setback for your business. To determine which is the alarm that best suits your requirements, it is necessary to look at some of its characteristics.

The four basic elements of an alarm are the anti-intrusion system, the anti-tamper system, the anti-inhibition system and the anti-sabotage system.

The anti-intrusion system is the elementary characteristic: the alarm must detect the thief by means of a system of sensors. Therefore, it is important to incorporate that the alarm has a sensor with high quality video, which allows identification and facilitates control via app and web, which allows you to check what is happening instantly. Some cameras have a technology that activates when there is movement or an increase in temperature. It is also important that they have night vision, since only in this way will your business be protected 24 hours a day.

The anti-inhibition system is a mechanism for detecting interference signals. Today, thieves may have jammers that allow them to block an alarm signal. With this system, thieves are prevented from deactivating your alarm.

The anti-tampering system is made up of terminals that trigger the alarm and notify the control panel in the event that someone who does not have authorization tries to tamper with the control panel or sensors.

Finally, the anti-sabotage system detects the physical tampering of your alarm, so that it is activated in the event that thieves try to cut off the power supply or the telephone cable to deactivate the alarm.

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When choosing a security company, there are some that offer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that you are always connected to the alarm center, and that there is always someone on the other side. It is important that this communication channel is ensured with two channels: that is, via GPRS and via IP, which guarantees that even if one fails, you will continue to have a connection.

It is very convenient that the company with which you have contracted the alarm system correctly decides what to do when an intrusion is detected in your premises. For this, it is necessary for that company to have a verification system through image, so that it gives notice to the Police whenever necessary.

Finally, there are a series of features that can be a plus for the security of your business. For example, having a badge from a leading security company can help deter thieves from entering your premises. It can be very useful to have a robbery button on hand, which allows you to give immediate warning, and activate a silent alarm, which will alert the central without emitting a sound in your premises.