Access Control

An access control is that security system that undeniably allows us to maintain a diverse number of options when it comes to being protected, since what is not only limited to an area or space as such, but to total control, which protects our security in a way: remote, mobile, integrated or physical.

The access controls as such allow to provide the user with a complete verification of the identity, based on a determining feature or by options that it can offer, this in order to authorize entries or access to places and information that cannot be freely obtained. This encompasses both physical and logical entities, which is ideal for storing confidential data.

Opening from the outside

Opening from the outside with:

Fingerprint, Card, Controller, Mobile and Biometric

Métodos del control de acceso

Video Doorphones

The Video Doorphones are made up of two pieces of equipment, a panel placed outside that is used to call and a monitor or telephone inside the house to give access. The main functions are the communications between the exterior and the interior of the house and control the entrances.


Barrier with chassis and camera

Barrier with chassis and camera with license plate recognition.

Control de Acceso: Barrera y cámara