Intrusion Systems

Home Seguridad They will advise you on the most appropriate alarm system to protect your home, your business … Each installation requires different needs. The alarm systems we offer are market leading, designer products with exceptional attention to detail and high performance. If you are not at home or business, you can interact with your alarm from your mobile phone, connect, disconnect, view images, view events and notify you if the alarm goes off.

We install Grade 2 and Grade 3 Security Systems

The following establishments need Grade 3 installation:

  • Jewelers.
  • Museums (art galleries, antique shops).
  • Service stations and fuel and fuel supply units.
  • Lottery administrations and mutual betting offices.
  • Bingo halls (more than 150 players) and game machine rooms (more than 75 game machines).
  • Security companies.

The most vulnerable areas of your home are, among others, the access doors, the terraces and balconies, the windows, the garages and storage rooms and the garden areas.

Home Securidad has a wide range of detectors, high quality sensors and operating stability to cover each one in the most effective way of these risk areas, even in the most unfavorable atmospheric conditions, and with a technology that allows immunity to the animals.

One of the advantages is the possibility of total activation, partial activation or activation of some partitions of the property’s security system, total activation when we are absent, partial activation if we are inside and activation of some partitions if we are inside the property and we want to have, for example, the windows open or simply have only the perimeter barrier connected, activating only the areas that we want to protect. Thus, we can have the exterior accesses, garage and some interior areas protected when we are, for example, in the bedrooms. For the protection of common outdoor areas in chalets and single-family homes.

We have the latest technology in presence detectors and perimeter infrared barriers resistant to extreme temperatures, water, wind and dust. These detectors do not activate in the presence of pets.



It can be a telephone type numeric or a Tablet type touch screen. Its main function is to allow arming and disarming of the alarm system by means of a code.

Sistemas de Intrusión: teclados

Motion detectors

Sensors that detect movement, if they detect movement while the alarm is connected, it will trigger the siren. We have this detector for indoor and outdoor, both wired and wireless.

Sistemas de Intrusión: detectores de movimiento

Seismic detectors

Sensors prepared to detect blows on a base.

They are placed on doors, walls, windows and safes.

Sistemas de Intrusión: detectores sísmicos

Perimeter barrier

Sensors protecting the perimeter of a chalet, a single-family house or similar by placing these infrared sensors around it, in the event that someone crosses while the alarm is activated, it would make it jump before they enter the house.

Sistemas de Intrusión: barrera perimetral

Magnetics contacs

Sensors that form a closed circuit by a magnet and a contact that when separated, changes the state and triggers the alarm.

It is used in doors and windows, there are invisible and visible wired and wireless.

Sistemas de Intrusión: contactos magnéticos

Remote control

You can arm and disarm the alarm fully or partially without entering the code.

Sistemas de Intrusión: mando

Mobile Phone App

You can arm and disarm the alarm totally or partially without having to enter the code from your mobile phone, it notifies you of the notifications of activation, deactivation and alarm jumps.

Sistemas de Intrusión: app teléfono móvil